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Welcome to the LinkQuest USA Genealogy website. We are dedicated to providing genealogical information and unique research tools designed to assist you with your family history project. You will find helpful family history research ideas, suggestions, and other genealogy tools here that will assist you with discovering the lives of your ancestors faster, easier, more completely….and with more fun!

This Genealogy website is constantly expanding and improving to better assist you with searching for your ancestors. So, please visit often. To add this handy family history reference page to your favorites, click here.

While searching for clues to our own family trees, we soon realized we needed a good way to organize and facilitate the accessibility of the many handy genealogy resources that we found useful. Our technicians have designed a few programs to make specific records more easily retrievable and searchable; i.e. the Pike County, Indiana marriage records. In addition, we have included links to various genealogy websites that offer interesting glimpses into the past.

After a while, we realized that the many resources that we had created or were using would be beneficial to others, as well. As a result, we at LinkQuest USA have created this website to offer you a convenient one-stop address for accessing the common and not-so-common genealogy tools, information, and data bases. Our goal is to assist you whether you are working on a comprehensive family history project or just looking for historical items of interest. So, we hope you enjoy and benefit from each visit with us.

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